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 Welcome To Wrightington Hospital Radio

Meet our members


All our members are volunteers.  Some had radio experience before they joined us, others didn't.

Anyone over 18 years of age can apply to become a radio volunteer.  Details are given elsewhere.


Phil Ashcroft Presenter


Phil Ashcroft

Phil is one of our longest serving members.  He has experience with commercial radio stations and for many years presented the sports programmes on Wrightington Hospital Radio.

He has recently been commentating on Wigan Athletic games.

 Ken Aspinall sports commentator


Ken Aspinall

Ken has been a hospital radio member for over 25 years having previously been with Radio Metro, the Leigh Hospital Radio station.  With Radio Metro Ken presented a regularly programme of Brass Band Music.

When Radio Metro closed Ken joined Wrightington Hospital Radio and commentates on the Wigan Warriors games.

Russel Baker Presenter


Russell Baker

Russell is a relatively new member who joined us in February 2017.

He has a real love of music and present the "Monday Tea-Time Special" from 5pm to 7pm

Michelle Barlow Presenter


Michelle Barlow

Michelle joined Wrightington Hospital Radio in May 2016.  Initially, she supported other presenters as she learned the process.

She now has her own show on Friday afternoon called "Chellie B and Friends" from 1pm to 4pm.  She also co-presents The Red Headed League on Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 5 pm with Stevie B.  She does drop into other shows as and when the opportunity arises.

 Stephen Barr Presenter


Stephen Barr

Stephen, known as Stevie B has previous experience with another hospital radio joining us in 2012 and has become a regular and hard working presenter as well as being a member of the Committee and Studio Manager.

He presents "The Bee Hive" with Ally B on Monday from 1 to 4pm and the "Red-Headed League" with Michelle Barlow on Thursday afternoon.  He can be regularly heard joining in with Alan Boardman's shows.

 Alan Boardman Presenter


Alan Boardman

Alan Boardman, better known as the Little Al or The Laughing Gnome, joined in 2013 and quickly became a regular presenter with his wife Carole.  

They present a 70s show with requests, chat, information and the famous bed dance on Tuesday evening from 6pm to 9pm.  The also do "The 3Ms Show" on Saturday from 11am to 3pm.  If that wasn't enough they co-present "Sunday Brunch" on the second and fourth Sunday of every month from 10am to 1pm

Alan is also a Committee members and Vice Chairman.

 Carole Boardman Presenter


Carole Boardman


Carole joined husband Alan early 2014 co-presenting the three shows across the week and providing valuable information.

Carole is also a Committee member.

 Alan Chamber Presenter


Alan Chambers


Alan is another recent member who has completed his training and can be heard on Monday mornings from 10am to 11am with "The Theme For Today"

 Steve Christie


Steve Christie



Steve was a member of Radio Metro before joining us.  A former producer with the BBC he came with a  wealth of knowledge and experience.  He is the Studio Engineer and the genius behind the technical workings of the studio.

 Brian Croft Presenter


Brian Croft

Brian is yet another former Radio Metro presenter who joined Wrightington Hospital Radio when Radio Metro finally closed down.

With his wife alongside, he presents "Brian's Hits Through the Years" on Friday morning from 10am to 12noon.  Like many of the presenters he is always keen to take requests.

Terry Diviney Presenter 


Terry Diviney

Terry is another recent recruit with a wealth of experience.  A regular presenter on Chorley Hospital Radio and the internet he presents "Midweek Mayhem" with Alan Robinson on Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm and returns on Thursday at the same time with Alan to present "Camp Classics and 80s Anthems".



Brian Evans

One of our newest members Brian has the calm reassuring voice we all want to hear.

He co-presents "Girls are Loud" on Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm with Diane Louise Herring

 Simon Fletcher Presenter


Simon Fletcher

Simon joined in August 2016 and quickly proved to be a very good presenter, completing his training in quick time and now present "Simon's Simply Music" on Friday from 7pm to 8pm, often having his programme interrupted to go over to live rugby league coverage from the DW Stadium.


 Bill Hart Presenter


Bill Hart

Bill has a long history of involvement in the music scene as an active performer.  He is one of the driving forces behind Lanky Kats in Standish and presents "Lanky Beat Live" once a fortnight on Thursday from 7pm to 9pm


 Diane Louise Herring Presenter


Diane Louise Herring

Diane joined Wrightington Hospital Radio in 2009 but came with some reputation.  A former Producer with BBC radio, a qualified sound engineer and a DJ with many years of experience working with some of the biggest names in Northern Soul and the music industry.  She continues to produce radio for other stations and presents on a number of stations.  She can be heard Tuesday to Friday evening from 6pm to 7pm presenting "The Vinyl Vaults" and is back again on Wednesday with Brian Evans and "Girls Are Loud".

If that did not take up enough of her time, she is also the Chair of Wrightington Hospital Radio and the Studio Engineer

 Sylvia Holland


Sylvia Holland

Sylvia is one of those invaluable members who is always around in the background quietly supporting the presenters.  She joined in 2014 and regularly supports the team on Saturday afternoons.  She can also be found helping behind the Tea Bar at Wrightington.

 Sylvia is also a member of the Committee.

 Terry James Presenter


Terry James

Terry joined in 2012 presenting regularly from our old studio.  He can be heard playing his music and providing chat and information twice a week.  From 7pm to 10pm on Monday he and Stephen Pimblett do the "Terry and Steve Radio Show".  Then he is back on Wednesday with "Terry's Afternoon Show" from 1pm to 3pm.  In his spare time Terry can be found as an "extra" on TV and film.


 Sheila Livesey Trainee


Sheila Ann Livesey


Sheila became a member in 2016.  She is currently training as a presenter but joins others to assist with their programmes.

 Martin Morris Presenter


Martin Morris

Martin seems to have had a lifetime of experience is radio.  A DJ back in the day he joined Her Majesty's Forces and presented programmes on the Forces network.  His commitments in the RAF mean he cannot do as many programmes as he would like but it is always a pleasure when is back to present in his own unique, casual style.


 Denis Partington Trainee Presenter


Denis Partington

Denis is one of our newer members.  A former member of a group and a performer on the club circuit he has taken the challenge of presenting.  Still completing his training he can be heard supporting some of the other presenters.


 Stephen Pimblett Presenter


Stephen Pimblett

Stephen joined us at the same time as Terry James.  The banter between them is a feature of their Monday evening show, "Terry and Steve's Radio Show".


 Kevin Riley Presenter


Kevin Riley

Kevin fell into Hospital Radio by accident when he was invited to join the Rugby League commentary team in 1991and has been covering Wigan Warriors ever since.  In 1999 he added Wigan Athletic commentary as well, then, after retiring he became a regular presenter.  His shows include Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12 noon with "The Tracks I Have Grown Up With".  He also presents specialist programmes like the Memories series and the Showcase series.  You can often hear him interviewing people in the music industry and the hospital.

He is also the Secretary to WHR and leads the training.

 Margaret Riley


Margaret Riley

Margaret is a relatively new member, joining in November 2015.  She presents, "Classical Moods with Margaret", which can be heard on Sunday from 2pm to 3pm and on Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm.  Her show is a perfect mix of light classical music with fascinating information.  It is just the sort of programme you need when you want to relax.


 Chris Risley Presenter


Chris Risley

Chris is one of the longer serving members having been involved since 2005.  He could regularly be heard on Friday evenings linking the Rugby Commentary and standing in when Wigan Athletic is playing.  He has not been able to do quite as much recently but performs the important role as Treasurer.


 Alan Robinson Presenter


Alan Robinson

Alan is another member with a history of radio broadcasting.  He started out in the 80s at Red Rose and went on to regularly present on Chorley FM.  He is still an important member of Chorley Hospital Radio, presenting shows for them and for Wrightington Hospital Radio.  If that was not enough he also has programmes on internet radio.  He is our resident expert on the programme software we use called Myriad.  You can hear him on Wednesday and Thursday tea-time from 5pm to 6pm with Terry Diviney.

 Alli Robinson Trainee Presenter


Allysha Michelle Robinson

Alliy as she prefers to be known, got involved in 2016 and is training as a presenter.  She is the "Queen Bee" in the Tuesday afternoon "Bee Hive Show" with Stevie B.  Ally joins in from the co-presenters seat.  She is often involved in "The Four Ms Show" on Saturday afternoon.  We are not sure if she is the mischief, the madness, the mayhem or the music on the show.


 Veronika Stevens Presenter


Veronika Stevens

Veronika joined in 2013 when she asked to look around.  She never got away.  The quiet, gentle voice that wakes the patients on Tuesday and Thursday morning with a mix of Easy Listening and stories.  

Veronika can be regularly seen out and about with her trusty recorder, spotting the stories and covering the events in the Trust and the wider community.

A member of the Committee who has the lead responsibility for features.

 Stephen Unsworth


Stephen Unsworth

Stephen is a new member who has just started his training to be a presenter.

 Patrick Whitney Presenter


Patrick Whitney

Patrick is the youngster in the team, joining us in 2016.  His knowledge of Jazz and Funk is truly amazing and made him the natural choice to present the "Jazz and Funk Show" from 9pm to 10pm on Thursday evening.  His laid back style and calm, cool manner ensure that you can relax away the evening to his great choice of music.





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